Cultural Revolution Wider Historical Debate

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  • Cultural Revolution Wider Historical Debate
    • Mao's mistake - CCP 'party line'
      • similar to Khrushchev's denunciation of Stalin
      • Deng: 'the greatest mistake of [Mao's] life'
      • But the Gang of Four corrupted and worsened the actions of troublemakers
    • Mao attempting to regain control
      • his ego
      • removing his opponents
      • by turning everyone against the CCP
      • used the youth for their purpose, then sent them up to the countryside
    • Ideological Mao
      • his ideology had been challenged by introduction of limited capitalism
      • targeted Deng and Liu for this reason
    • Continuation of the Revolution
      • worried about the softness of the young
      • ideological
      • incapability to keep foreign/ reactionary forces at bay
    • Class struggle, frustration
      • conflict between party elites expanded into between elites and masses
        • already a precedent of violent criticism (Speak Bitterness)
      • Red Guards had not profited as they believed they would
      • Mao set it in motion but could not restrain it
    • The hierarchy and indoctrination
      • high competition for good jobs
      • nature of the CCP meant youth thought that the way to high positions was through devotion to the party
    • Tradition of peasant rebellions
      • in response to failures of government
    • people power limiting the power of the government
      • power of the government was excessive and the CR was a correction of this


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