Cultural Imperialist

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  • Cultural Imperialist
    • Globalisation is linked to technology
    • Marcuse
      • Globalisation of culture encourages conformity which leads to a lack of critical thinking
      • Media companies encourage us to behave in 3 ways
        • Commodity fetishism
        • False needs
        • Conspicuous consumption
      • Argue that global mass media is there to indoctrinate global consumerism
    • Globalisation as Americanisation
      • Flew
        • USA is dominating force on spread of global culture
      • Ritzer
        • McDonaldisation
          • Possible to travel the world without having indigenous food e.g. the decor and menu of McDonalds is instantly recognisable
        • Decline of global cultures
      • Barber
        • Americanisation seen as a threat to people's commitment to God
      • Fuchs
        • Transnational corporations dominate world trade in popular culture
          • Denying consumers choice - see same items circulating
        • Can influence government
      • Keen
        • Social media is wrapped up in 'me culture'
    • Evaluation
      • Cultural response
        • TV programmes are sold to TV companies but local versions reflect local cultures
        • We are not passive audiences
        • Therefore, we are challenging cultural imperialism
      • National and regional broadcasting
        • Home produced programmes steadily replacing imports as they gel with local cultures
          • 7/9 countries broadcast more locally produced programmes
          • Therefore, not overwhelmed by western media products
      • Minority ethnic media
        • Local programmes from developing countries are exported to western society
          • Producing media reflecting cultural origins e.g. Bollywood
      • Flow of culture
        • Held et al
          • Cultural imperialists assume that flow of culture only happens one way
            • The west is enriched with inputs of popular culture from other societies


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