Cultural imperialism v hybridisation

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  • Cultural imperialism v hybridisation (global popular culture
    • Cultural imperialism
      • Globalisation has undermined national and local cultures as the same cultural products are sold across the world,
      • Domination of Western culture has been described as cocaocolonization which involves cultural imperialism or media imperialism,
      • media led global culture which emphasises consumerism has led to Western media products and cultural values being forced on non-Western culture.
      • If cultural imperialism is happening then it means cultural homogenisation is also happening = cultures becoming more similar
      • Barber - one extreme response to American cultural imperialism has been rise of Islamic fundamentalism. Involves terrorist attacks on US targets as response to spread of Western culture.
      • Fuchs - owners of transnational corporations are able to influence gov which threatens democracy.
      • Turkle - spread of global media has reduced community engagement.
    • Criticism of cultural imperialism - Held argued cultural imperialist view assumes flow of culture is one way: from west to developed world. Not acknowledge reverse cultural flows.
    • Hybridisation
      • Tomlinson - globalisation does not involve cultural imperialism but instead hybridisation
      • Mixing of cultures
      • Promotes hybrid cultures which are a mix of local and Western culture
      • Because there is more choice and knowledge available now, people are not as passive as Marxists suggest
      • Cultural imperialism is not possible as there are so many different choices of culture and media products.


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