Cultural Capital- Question A Mindmap

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  • Cultural Capital
    • Definition: Refers to the unseen privileges parents pass onto their children
      • This includes the knowledge of the education system, language, culture and links with ECONOMIC CAPITAL
      • It is a MARXIST view that suggests both money, lifestyle and influence mean that education benefits the higher classes.
    • D.REAY
      • Evidence shows that middle class are more successful in education.
      • Middle class mothers possessed more cultural capital as they understood the education system, helped with homework and had economic capital to help buy resources- Tutors.
      • Working class parents had the desire for success but didn't have the knowledge or the time to achieve that.
      • Capitalism ensures that the culture of the higher classes is dominant so they find it easier to be successful.
      • HABITUS- linked with class and their values so higher class habitus is valued but working class is not.
      • Ethnocentric curriculum ignores the contribution of ethnic minorities which may lead to students feeling that there culture isn't valued.
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