PE influences and barriers in sport

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  • Influences and barriers
    • Health and wellbeing
      • Does the persons health prevent them from taking part in some activites.
      • Do certain activies have a positive influence on his or her health? e.g swimming for asthmatics
    • Image
      • Fashion: is the activity fashionable (clothing, equipment)
      • Media coverage: does the activity get media coverage.
    • Resources
      • Access: can they easily get there
      • Availability: do they have the resources to take part and can they get them.
      • Location: do the resources exist locally.
    • People
      • Family: are the family involved, will they be introduced by family
      • Peers: are peers involved in activity.
      • Role models: does the activity have influential role models.
    • Socio-economic
      • Cost: can they afford to take part
      • Status: is the activity appropriate (football or polo)


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