culinary terms

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  • culinary terms
    • saute
      • to toss in fat
    • flambe
      • covered in alcohol and set on fire
    • entree
      • main course
    • coulis
      • fruit or puree used as a sauce
    • croutons
      • cubes of toasted bread or fried bread
    • en croute
      • 'in a pastry case'
    • roux
      • mixture of flour and fat used as a basis sauce
    • bain marie
      • container of hot water used to keep foods hot without burning or further cooking
    • al dente
      • firm to the bite
    • brulee
      • 'burned' e.g creme brulee
    • mise en place
      • to prepare/put in place
    • au gratin
      • sprinkled with cheese and/ or breadcrumbs and browned underneath a grill
    • marinade
      • a richly spiced liquidd used to give flavouyr and help tender meat/fish
    • reduce
      • to concentrate a liquid by boiling or simmering


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