Culinary terms

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  • Culinary Terms
    • A savoury decoration for food food, trimmings served with a main item
      • Garnish
    • A mixture of fat and flour used as a basis for sauce
      • Roux
    • To toss in hot fat
      • Sauté
    • 'Burned'
      • Brûlée
    • 'To the tooth' i.e. firm to the bite
      • Al dente
    • Cubes of toasted or fried bread
      • Croutons
    • 'In a pastry case'
      • En croute
    • Items offered seperatly to the main dish
      • Accompaniments
    • To cook with a flame by 'burning' away the alcohol
      • Flambé
    • a meat dish usually served as a main course
      • Entrée
    • A richly spiced liquid used to give flavour to help tenderise meat and fish
      • Marinade
    • A smooth mixture made from food passed through a sieve or liquidised in a food processor
      • Purée
    • A bundle of Herbs
      • Bouquet Garni
    • To concentrate a liquid by boiling or simmering
      • Reduce
    • A sauce made of fruit or vegetable  Purée
      • Coulis
    • A container of Water used to keep foods hot without fear of burning or to cook delicate foods
      • Bain Marie
    • To put in place
      • Mise en place
    • Thin, matchstick sized strips of vegetalbes
      • Julienne
    • Sprinkled with cheese and  or breadcrumbs and brown underneath the gril
      • Au Graitin


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