Cue-dependent forgetting

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  • Cue-dependent forgetting
    • Context-dependent failure
      • Recall occurs in a different external setting to coding
    • State-dependent failure
      • Recall occurs in a different internal setting to coding
    • Context research evidence
      • Godden and Baddeley (1975)  Divers learn info on dry land or underwater; recall worse when in different context to coding
      • Abernethy (1940)     PPs had worse recall when tested by unfamiliar teacher in unfamiliar location
    • Evaluation
      • Tends to use lab experiments
        • Don't represent real life; lacks ecological validity and mundane realism
        • Highly controlled, easy to replicate to check for reliability and so standardised
      • Seen as best explanation explanation for forgetting due to strong evidence
      • Fits levels of processing of memory that states that associations aid recall
      • Practical applications; used by police to help aid recall of witnesses
      • Ignores procedural memory, which isn't affected by this theory
    • State research evidence
      • Darley et al (1973)     PPs who hid money while high on marijuana less able to recall when not high, compared with when they were
      • Overton (1972) PPs either drunk or sober; recall worse when in different state than coding


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