Combined Universities Cornwall: Economic benefits

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    • university attracts visitors of prospective students, families and researchers
    • use of services all year round rather than just in tourist season
    • students create a healthy rental market
    • combats the 'brain drain'
      • greater no. of residents at a working age
      • greater no. of people working and paying taxes
      • greater no. of people using services
      • greater no. of properties rented all year round rather than just in tourist season
    • CUC scheme helps graduates secure jobs in the 'knowledge economy'
    • CUC ran a very successful graduate placement scheme called Unlocking Cornish potential which has placed over 1300 graduated with small and medium sized businesses in Cornwall since 2004
    • students create a 'night life' by visiting restaurants, bars and clubs
    • According to an independent study by CUC, the partnership project will create more than 4000 jobs by the year 2025 
    • CUC help graduates set up their own businesses
      • this serves as local investment creating new jobs for already present residents
    • 4 out of 5 students on Plymouth University’s accredited course at Truro College and Cornwall and Pen with College are local people and some subjects attract people from much farther afield 




CASE STUDY: CUC (Combined Universities Cornwall)

Section 5.14 Rural regeneration - the players pg. 240

  • example of rebranding of a declining rural location
  • mindmap outlines economic advantages benefits 
  • note that there may be some social and environmental benefits as well as social, economic and environmental disadvantages when using this case study to answer essay style questions

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