Cuban Missile Crisis: "thirteen days"

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  • Cuban Missile Crisis: "thirteen days"
    • US planes took photos of cuba revealing missiles on Cuba. worryig as only 90 miles from US
    • 16th Oct
      • Kennedy informed of K plan to put missiles on Cuba
    • 20th Oct
      • Kennedy imposes a naval blockade around Cuba to prevent more missiles coming to Cuba
    • 22nd Oct
      • Kennedy gives public address about blockade so K will withdraw his ships
    • 23rd Oct
      • K sends letter saying soviet ships will break through the blockade
    • 24th Oct
      • Soviet ships turn round at blockade
      • K makes statement hes ready to go to war with USA
    • 25th Oct
      • USA and Soviets prepare for war. Kennedy asks for K to withdraw missiles
    • 26th Oct
      • K says he will withdraw missiles if USA doesnt invade Cuba
    • 28th Oct
      • Krushchev accepts the deal.
      • but therefore it looks like the USA won and defeated the Soviets


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