Cuban Missile Crisis- Thirteen Days

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  • Cuban Missile Crisis- Thirteen Day
    • 16th October
      • Kennedy informed but Khrushchev's plans to place nuclear weapons in Cuba
    • 20th October
      • Kennedy decides to impose a naval blockade around Cuba to prevent further missiles reaching Cuba
    • 22nd October
      • Kennedy gives a public address declaring the blockade and calling on Khrushchev to recall hims ship
    • 23rd October
      • Kennedy receives a letter declaring that USSR will break through the blockade
    • 24th October
      • Khrushchev issues a statement that the USSR is prepared to use nuclear weapons if USA go to war
    • 25th October
      • Kennedy writes to Khrushchev asking him to withdraw the missiles from Cuba, tension is at its highest as they are told to prepare for war
    • 26th October
      • Khrushchev responds to Kennedy by saying they will remove their missiles if USA do not invade Cuba
    • 27th October
      • Khrushchev finds out the USA have planned to invade in 24hrs. USSR propose a deal that they will remove their missiles if USA do not invade Cuba and if they will remove their missiles fro, Turkey
        • American spy plane is shot down over Cuba
        • Robert Kennedy agrees to the deal along as Khrushchev keeps the removal of missiles from Turkey a secret
    • 28th October
      • Khrushchev agrees to keep it a secret


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