The Cuban Missile Crisis: Origins

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  • Cuban Missile Crisis: origins
    • The Cuban Revolution, the USA and the Soviet Union
      • Cuba was very closely linked to USA
      • Lots of US owned businesses in Cuba
      • Cuba had a socialist revolution in 1959 and the USA refused to deal with the new government
      • Cuba started to build economic links with the Soviet Union (e.g. trading Soviet oil for Cuban sugar
      • Relationship between USA and Soviet Union deteriorated
    • Castro
      • USA refused to recognise Castro's government, did not want a socialist country in their sphere of influence, especially one with close links to USSR
      • CIA tried to assassinate the leader of Cuba, Fidel Castro, with no success
      • CIA convinced Kennedy that a US-backed invasion of Cuba, designed to overthrow Castro, could solve the problem
    • The Bay of Pigs incident (17 Apr 1961)
      • What the CIA told Kennedy
        • Invasion will look like a Cuban revolt - Cuban exiles have been trained and US planes disguised as Cuban
        • Castro's control over Cuba is very weak
        • Most Cubans hate Castro
      • What actually happened
        • Planes were recognised as US planes, and photographed and published
        • Castro knew of the invasion and 1400 US-backed stoop met 20000 of Castro's troops, US-backed troops surrendered
        • Most Cubans did not want their old leader, Batista, because he had been corrupt
    • Impact of Bay of Pigs Incident
      • Ended all chances of friendly US-Cuba relationship
      • Castro announced he was a communist
      • Cuba and Soviet Union started building closer ties, including military defense for Cuba


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