Cuban Missile Crisis - Consequence

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  • Cuban Missile Crisis - Consequence
    • Hotline
      • June 1963, direct communication link was set up between American president and Russian
        • Reduce 'misunderstanding'
    • Limited Test Ban Treaty
      • August 1963, USA and USSR agreed to ban the nesting of all nuclear weapons
        • In the Space, in Sea and above ground. Underground nuclear tests were still permitted
    • French decision to leave the NATO
      • In an event of a nuclear war, members of the NATO are obliged to fight along side America
        • French President didn't agree with this and didn't like the thought France could get damaged
          • 1966, France left the NATO
          • Started developing their own missiles
    • Soviet arms production
      • USSR never wanted to be pushed around by USA again, made an effort to catch up with America in the arms race
        • 1965, USA and USSR were equal on terms of numbers of missiles, created greater stability in their relationship
    • MAD
      • Both superpowers released that a nuclear war could destroy their countries
        • Doctrine of Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) gave them a reason to avoid war


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