Cuban Missile Crisis- Bay of Pigs

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  • Causes
    • Cuban Missile Crisis- Bay of Pigs
      • Events
        • Kennedy thought Castro's government was very unpopular
          • Assumed when their force attacked the  government the Cuban people would join in
        • Kennedy instructed CIA to train the Cuban refugees
        • They invaded  Cuba but Kennedy had miscalculated
          • People of Cuba fought bravely to support Castro
            • America was defeated with in two days
      • Effects
        • Even though Cuba was successful, Castro was worried America would invade again
          • Asked the USSR for help
            • USSR placed Russian Missiles in Cuba
    • Eisenhower thought the best way to solve Cuban problem was for CIA to assassinate Castro
    • Kennedy who took over in 1960, changed the CIA plan
      • He wanted to overthrow Cuba's communist government
        • Wanted to replace it with a Capitalist government sympathetic to America


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