CS~The Ozone Hole

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  • CS~The Ozone Hole
    • CFCs are synthetic compounds that were developed in 1920s as refrigerants. Are essentially non toxic and non-reactive = good for fridges and cooling equipment
      • meant that affordable fridges were available        =better food, vaccine and medicine storage = improved human health and wellbeing
    • CFCs also used in aerosol propellants ~ allowed people to have beehive hairstyles etc
      • this could have unforeseen consequences eg health effects of breathing in vasts amounts of hairspray
      • and graffiti spread
    • by early 1970s people grew concerned about the depletion of the stratospheric ozone above Antarctica  from CFCs
      • The USA banned sprays in 1976
    • The Montreal Protocol 1987 - stopped use of CFCs and reduced ozone depletion (the most successful protocol)
      • under full compliance with the protocol, the ozone layer is expected to recover to 1980 benchmark levels by 2050
      • ozone hole does not appear to be growing anymore


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