AQA GCSE Chemistry Unit 1 Crude oil

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  • Crude oil a fossil fuel derived from an ancient biomass in rocks. It is a mixture (elements that are not chemically combined) of hydrocarbons (alkanes) CnH2n+2
    • Fractional distilliation. Oil is heated till it is vapourised and is passes into the colum. Lower boiling points rise up the column. Alkanes at bottom, alkenes at top. Each hydrocarbon condenses when it raches its boiling point
      • Short chain Alkane- used for fuels
      • Long chain
        • CRACKING-Alkanes are vaporized and passed over a hot catalyst- high temperature breaks covalent bond
          • Short chain alkane
          • Alkene (monomer)
            • Making ethanol
              • Fermentation
              • Hydration of ethene


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