crowded coasts 

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  • crowded coasts
    • benidorm rapid growth
      • spain
      • 4 million visitors annually
      • local economy base of tuna fishing and wine production
      • packages holidays solution to economic decline
      • new hotels built
      • 70,000 residental population
      • blue-flag beaches
      • buiilt theme parks , nightlife and water sports
    • ainsdale dunes, coastal environment
      • merseyside
      • important for wildlife , conservation and scientific purposes
      • 7km2 of dunes under threat
      • non-native species such as grasses , poplar and pine are invading landward edge on area
      • visitors result in trampling
      • ecosystem management
        • scrub cutting using bulldozers to remove plants and trees
        • flail mowers control growth of weeping willow
        • grazing to control overgrowing
        • excavating dune slacks to increase access to water in drought conditions
        • sand management
      • visitor management
        • zoned system of closed area, permit sections and sites open to public to encourage people to stay on beaches
        • facilites to provide help and education e.g parking spaces boardwalks fencing waymarked trials information boards and a warden service
    • coastal retreat of holderness
      • storm waves
      • longshore drift
      • soft glacial clay
      • 1.2 meters a year
      • climate change accelerating erosion
      • low lying land around the river humber
      • increased risk of coastal flooding


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