Coastal management

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  • Crowded Coasts
    • Sundarbans India
      • Sea eroding the sundarbans, threatening an ecological disaster
        • Affectiong the habitats of river sharks, red crabs, shrimps and snakes - large  affect on the food chain and fishing industry
      • Largest Mangrove forests
        • Lies on the delta of the Ganges, Brahmaputra and Meghna in the bay of Bengal
      • Four islands lost to the sea, making 6,000 families   homesless
        • Authorities address issues of : Prawn Monoculture : Erosion by blocking water upstream : use of mangrove wood : Silting up of West Bengal's largest port
    • Mangroves
      • They are tress and shrubs grown in saline coastal habitats in tropics and sub tropics
      • Vital nurseries for fish and crustacians rich in wildlife.
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