Crooks - Character Revision

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  • Crooks
    • He is a very lonely man.
      • He is jealous of the way Lennie is close with George.
      • Crooks has no one because he is black.
        • "S'pose you didn't have nobody. S'pose you couldn't go into the bunkhouse and play rummy cos you was black."
      • Because he is black, he has a separate room.
        • "He kept his distance and demanded that other people keep theirs."
      • His dream is freedom.
        • "I remember when I was a little kid on my old man's chicken ranch."
          • Used to have freedom, not now.
      • Segregated and isolated because of his race.
    • His name.
      • His name is Crooks.
      • He got the name because his posture is crooked from being kicked by a horse.
        • "Got a crooked back where a horse kicked 'im" - Candy
      • Only person with a permanent job because of his injury.
    • He is very protective in his rights.
      • He doesn't have many, so wants to make sure the ones he has are reinforced.
      • Reads his rights.
        • "and a mauled copy of Californian Civil rights of 1905."
      • He didn't like Lennie and Candy coming into his room.
        • "You have no right coming into my room. This here's my room."
      • "Well, I got a right to have a light."
    • Somehow respected by the other men.
      • Candy seems to respect Crooks.
        • "The stable buck's a ******. Nice fella too."
        • Sticks up for Crooks after Curley's wife mocks him.
          • "I've had enough. You ain't wanted here."
      • Was invited to the Christmas party in the bunkhouse.
        • Praised for winning wrestling.
          • "****** got him."
      • Crooks is good at playing horseshoes.
        • "Jesus, how that ****** can pitch shoes." - Carlson
    • Likes taking revenge on Lennie.
      • Crooks is black so is very weak in terms of authority.
      • He realises Lennie is quite vulnerable and thick and takes power of him.
        • "Well, s'pose, just s'pose, he never comes back."
          • The purpose is to scare Lennie so Crooks feel inferior.
        • "You're nuts."
      • Realises his mistake.
        • "I didn't mean to scare you. He'll come back."


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