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  • Crooks
    • Slim treats him civil, unlike any other rancher
    • Same in society (context)
  • People lash out at him when things go wrong e.g. when G+L came in late
    • Slim treats him civil, unlike any other rancher
  • Lowest position in hierarchy of workers
    • Crooks
      • Same in society (context)
  • Isolated by racial prejudice
    • New Years the only way they let him join the other men was for him to fight
  • crippled liek Candy but is not calm, he is bitter
    • Realist, no escape from the ranch
  • Does not accept company as a result of segregation from others
  • Defeensive and sinical of peoples motivations
    • Life has taught him to be proud and distant
  • Possesions
    • Harnesses = good with his hands
  • Dictionary = interested in words
  • Named by nickname = less power


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