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  • "Ya see the stable buck's a ******"
    • Crooks
      • "He reads a lot- got books in his room"
      • "Jesus how that ****** can pitch shoes, he don't give nobody else a chance to win.."
      • "The stable buck went on dreamily...everybody want a little patch of land and nobody gets no land..its just in their head."
      • "A tattered dictionary..mauled copy of the California Civil Code 1905.. A pair of gold rimmed spectacles.."
      • "Room swept and fairly neat.."
      • "You've got no right to come into my room."
      • "Crooks face lighted with pleasure in his torture."
      • "Crooks retired to the protective dignity of a *****."
      • "You guys comin' in an' setting made me forget. What she says is true."
      • "a guy gets too lonely an' he gets sick."
      • "Well jus' forget it, i wouldn't want to go to no place liek that."
      • "nobody never gets to heaven"
      • "if he sees somethin', he don't know whether its right or not."


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