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  • Crooks
    • He's the only one with many personal posessions
      • 'rubber boots' 'big alarm clock' and a 'shotgun' tell us he's practical and active
      • His books show that he reads and thinks: 'a tattered dictionary' and a 'mauled copy of the Californian civil code 1905'
      • Tools - show he's skilled and very capable with his hands
      • Medicine - shows that like Candy he's getting old and decrepit after a lifetime of work
    • Victim of Racism
      • Only black man in the book
      • He's excluded from and generally not wanted in the bunkhouse
      • He's picked on - he's a scapegoat. Candy tells us that the boos 'gives him hell when he's mad'
      • He's lonely - he misses the companionship of others (tells Lennie this)
      • His face is lined with pain and his back is crippled from overwork
    • Only person who has a room of his own
      • The fact that he has a room of his own shows how separated he is from the others
      • People who try to come into his room get a frosty reception - Lennie, Candy and Curley's wife all find this
      • He looks after his room - shows he's 'a proud, aloof man' whose eyes seem to 'glitter with intensity'
      • Its small, basic and functional but its homely and its his own - full of his possessions
    • Survivor - but has little power in the ranch
      • He was kicked and crippled by a horse years ago
      • He has been and is racially abused all of the time.
      • He's excluded from almost everything
      • Crooks has skills at work that no one else has but is still bottom of the pile - shows its not a world where the best get to the top


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