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    • The Great Gatsby
      • ''His characters are so real that you have the uncanny feeling of having met them somewhere before.''- Sunday Tribute.
      • ''...a novel written in pace and fine attention.''-Laurance Stallings
      • ''Gatsby's dream centres on Daisy, an alluring creature who deserted him for wealth and safety in the presence of Tom Buchanan...''-E.K
      • ''Tom is the sensualist of the bad-gin-and-fool-the-wife ear. Jordan is the modern girl to whom nothing is surprising any more.'' -Herbert S.Gorman
      • ''..Jay Gatsby, who found an objective in life and lived and died in the pursuit of it.'' Herbert S.Gorman
    • Birdsong
      • john Mullan
        • ''...death comes so thick that the narrative cannot pause for individuals.''
        • ''... in this novel deaths cannot be handled in any conventional novelistic manner.''
      • Sebastian Faulks
        • ''Elizabeth  existed at first to ask questions...''
        • ''...a thinner, more neutral quality in the  prose, to suggest what Elizabeth identifies as a ''a lack of intensity' in her modern life.''
        • ''In the war sections, I tried to introduce an unstable feeling by various grammatical means...''
        • ''I wanted to  end with this bird because it's the redemption of Jack and the validations of Stephen's promise to Jack..''


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