Criticisms or the Hypodermic syringe model

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  • Critique of the Hypodermic Syringe Model
    • Sensitisation
      • Seeing the effects of violence and the suffering may make viewers more sensitive of the consequences
        • This makes them less inclined to commit
    • Catharsis
      • Violence films and T.V shows helps the audience to relate their violence so they are less likely to in real life
      • Feshbach & Sanger
    • Methodological Problems
      • Gauntlett
        • Certain studies such as Banduras have been carried out in a lab
          • this makes their findings questionable because people do not behave as naturally as they would do in their normal enviroment
            • Hawthorne effect
            • Makes the information not valid
      • The Hypodermic Syringe Studies are not clear about how violence should be defined
        • It's unclear if all the different types of violence have the dame or different effects upon their audince
          • Or whether they just react differently to different types and levels of violence
          • cartoon violence, war and death, boxing, fictional
      • It fails to put violence into context
        • it views all violence as wrong and fails to see that audiences interpret it accordingly to narrative context
        • In fiction shows etc it shows violence in a humorous light with spraying out blood etc
    • Children as a smart audience
      • Research shows that children can distinguish between fictional/ cartoon violence
      • In addition, they can see and know that violence should not be imitated from and early age
      • Ofcom
        • Suggests that children may lack online understanding
        • 1 in 10 children do not question what they see online and are likely to believe what they see on social media sites
    • *********** Issues
      • sexually explicit issues and pictures sent on phones is now apart of everyday life or 1/2 of teenagers
        • In a survey half said there was nothing wrong with look at ***********
      • teenagers ranked *********** sites higher than parents as a source of sex information and relationships
    • Scapegoat
      • In April 1999 two students took guns and bombs into their schools and killed 13 people
      • Many believed that the hypodermic syringe model was responsible for the boys actions
        • It shows how the media are scapegoated for violence


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