Criticisms to Paley's argument

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  • Criticisms of Paley's argument
    • Why David Hume rejected the use of analogy to prove the teleological argument
      • 1. The analogy, in general, is limited in points of strengths when comparing one thing to another
      • 2. When one looks at a house, we can conclude that it had a builder and an architect.
        • However, we cannot deduce a builder or architect of the universe in the same way, as there are no similarities between the two.
          • Equally if the house is faulty like the universe, this would suggest that it's builder/ architect is also flawed.
            • Paley rejected this : he considered the issue to be whether the universe exhibited signs of design.
      • There is nothing in the universe that can be satisfactorily compared to the universe itself.
    • There are other possible explanations than God for apparent design of the Universe (.e.g. DNA)
    • Is there evidence that the world has a single designer? (ship analogy)
    • Random activity can lead to orderliness rather than disorder (supported but the discovery of natural selection.)
    • J.S. Mill : questioned the goodness of nature given the apparent cruelty to be found within nature (.e.g. the behavior of a digger wasp)
    • Natural selection
      • Darwin was influenced by his voyage on HMS Beagle.
      • Sir Charles Lyell's principle of geology
      • "Natural selection can explain the emergence of complex living organisms without any need to refer to a design or a designer.


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