Criticisms of Descartes's description of the body

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  • Criticisms of Descartes's description of the body
    • The pineal gland
      • Common sense
        • Each of the five senses perceives one type of "perceptible" or "sensible" which is specific to it.
          • The animal mind, not just the human mind, links and categorizes different tastes, colours, feelings, smells and sounds in order to perceive real things in terms of the "common sensibles" (or "common perceptibles").
            • The common sense is where this comparison happens, and this must occur by comparing impressions of what the specialist senses have perceived.
      • Animal spirits
        • Galen: The pineal gland are surrounded by veins not small arties that carry animal spirits.
      • Memory
        • Memories are stored in the part of the brain called the "hippocampus," not the muscles or the pineal gland.
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