Criticisms of the Teleological Argument

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  • Criticisms of the Teleological Argument
    • Hume
      • Analogies
      • Experience
        • We cannot use human analogies to describe how the universe was created
          • We don't have experience of other universes
            • Just because a watch has a designer, doesn't mean the universe needs one
      • Organic Universe
      • Apparent Design
      • Poor Design
        • Even if we assume the universe has been designed, how do we know it has been designed well
          • We have no other universes to compare its design to
      • Many Builders
      • Absent Designer
        • Once a builder has finished constructing a ship, they usually move onto another job
          • This could also be true for the universe, and the designer could have left it to its own devices, or they could have died
    • Mill
      • He says the world is not the result of intelligent design
        • Either there is no God or there exists a cruel God who designed the world allowing evil and suffering
    • Kant
      • We only experience the phenomenal world so our senses our limited and cannot exceed to the noumenal world
    • Darwin
      • Believes we got to where we are today through natural selection and have required our characteristics through adapting to the environment, not being designed to do so


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