Criticisms of Wiles - Miracles

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  • Criticisms of Wiles argument on Miracles
    • Wile's argument is inconsistent with biblical accounts which make it clear that God does intervene in the world
      • The miracles described in the Bible are depicted as religiously significant and important in the Bible and so cannot simple be dismissed
    • It is wrong to say that if God only intervenes in particular cases he is immoral
      • God is considered extremely morally perfect in classical theism, even if we cannot currently understand or see this in particular situations
    • Wiles misunderstands the purpose of miracles
      • They are not necessarily to help people, but to reveal something about God and to have religious significance
      • God may not have intervened in the Holocaust because although it would have stopped the suffering, it might not have been the appropriate way for God to reveal himself


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