Criticisms of the NI Executive

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  • Criticisms of the Executive
    • Friction between Ministers and the Assembly Committee
      • Alex Attwood SDLP criticised the repeated failure of officials from the Exec Office to attend meetings as 'appalling'
      • Mike Nesbitt said there was a history of very late cancellations of briefings and late delivery of documents on the part of the Exec Office
    • RHI Scheme
      • Foster set up the flawed scheme in 2012 when she was Minister for Trade and Infrastructure
        • Anger that the Exec Office didn't shut down the scheme more quickly once its deficiencies came to light
          • This allowed a spike in late applications that could cost Stormont up to £400 million
      • Inappropriate actions of DUP SPADs eg John Robinson
        • His relatives made a lot of money from the scheme
    • Money
      • Constantly needing to be bailed out by major gov'ts
        • British, Irish and US gov'ts
    • Charges of Corruptions
      • NAMA (National Asset Management Agency) bidding scandal
      • Possibly toxic RHI scheme
    • Incapable Leaders
      • Foster and McGuinness
        • 8 month chill and inevitable breakdown due to RHI scandal
          • Led to McGuinness' resignation from the Exec
    • Controversial Issues
      • Irish Language Act, flags, victims, survivors and the past
        • Lack of any progress
        • Ministers unable to cut the necessary deals for themselves
    • Ignorance of other parties
      • Accused of ignoring SDLP, UUP and Alliance
        • Accused of driving them out of the Exec and into the Official Opposition (2016)
    • Special Advisors
      • Concerns over power held by them
        • Most notably their relation in the RHI Scheme
      • Unelected and have an ability to interfere and obstruct, salaries up to £90,000 a year
        • Most notably their relation in the RHI Scheme


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