Cristobal Balenciaga

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  • Cristobal Balenciaga
    • His mother was a seamstress, and as a child Balenciaga spent time with her as she worked.
      • At the age of 12 he began to work as the apprentice of a tailor.
    • When a designer in Spain he opened a boutique in1919. The Spanish royal family wore his designs.
    • Balenciaga is notable for being one of the few couturiers in fashion industry who  could use his own hands to design, cut and sew.
    • He was homosexual, although kept his sexuality private.
    • 'The King of fashion'
    • 1939 - Infanta gown
      • 1953 - Balloon jacket
    • In 1951 (post war) he totally transformed the silhouette, broadening the shoulders and removing the waist.


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