crisis of 1890s

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  • Crisis of 1890s
    • many American's reacted negatively to changes in 19thC
      • American farmers= threat to their way of life as becoming more industrial
        • being isolated/ forgotton, began to organise as had no direct focus to complain to like urban workers did
        • 1890s= too much food, financial ruin, domestic over production due to settlement in west, prices really cheap
          • competition from overseas which exasperated by imports coming in from railroads
        • changing of America seemed to be a burden, many in debt paying mortgages, tarrifs raised price of manufacture goods that farmers needed to grow crops
      • Granger Movment 1870s, Farmers Alliances in 1880s
        • try to come together as collective, leader suggets plan where farmesr fight to set their own prices
          • plan to store crops in gov owned warehouses and secure loans against value of crops
          • plan defeated in congress= didnt want urban workers to fear increase in food prices
    • Populist Party and 1892 election:
      • focus on Finance, transportation + Land
        • want to ability to borrow money based on their crops from gov
      • increase in total aount of circulated money to cause inflation, introduce silver money so farmers can raise prices
        • also wanted graduated income tax (radical)
      • transport
        • call for nationalisation of railroad to limit excess profits made by barons
        • called for gov ownership of land, limit it by immigrants
          • wanted to free up more land for farmers
        • populist party create reaction to changing circumstances bought by urbaniation
      • call for reduced immigration, acceptance for 8 hour working day
        • wanted to fight social change, didnt want US to transform
      • platform 1892 represetns feelings of Americans who felt BIg Business and gov are ignoring their plight
        • 1890s= some argue the actions of populists represetn identity crisis
          • strugglign to come to terms with a changing America
      • Democratic party, Bryan, steal silver coinage idea
      • McKinley wins election 1896= republican fear reovlutionary prospect of silver money, urban workers go to him to keep food prices down, immigrants don#'t like protestant tone of Byran
        • republican's seem to embrace a modern version of US and make populists and democrats seem anarchists
    • did gov want to listen to anyone other than Big Business?
      • problems of urban poor, corruption and economic reugulation and trusts, and how gov would deal with these issues faced by changes of US, issues not addressed until progressive era


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