crisis for male & female identity - Faludi 1993 / 1999

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  • Crisis for female & male identity - Faludi 1993 / 1999
    • 1999
      • Fauldi discovered a theme by looking at reactions of men
      • particularly working class males, to the success of feminism
      • coupled with crisis of masculinity, particularly declines in male jobs & breadwinner roles
    • 1993
      • Faludi discovered reaction of patriarchal society
      • mostly led by media campaigns about family, which aim to undermine success of feminism
      • independent women were judged & blamed for a range of social problems
    • looked at a young group of males, spur posse
      • gained brief notoriety in the US
      • had a game of who could sleep with the most girls, to gain points
      • the numbers were printed on a shirt
      • one of them was charged with **** for a 12 year old
        • when questioned by Faludi, his response was that 'well, she had a body'
    • argues that their attitude towards & women increases in domestic & sexual violence are part of a larger masculinity problem - its a source of remaining source of power


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