Crisis and Decline in 17th century Spain

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  • Crisis and Decline in the 17th century
    • 17th century Europe was a period of demographic growth
      • However, Spain grew relatively slow
        • Peter Heylyn describes Spain as 900 years of war with the rest of Christendom
          • This relates to the slow demographic growth of Spain
            • Thirty Years War, 1618-1648
            • Franco- Spanish War, 1635-1659
            • Portuguese Restoration, 1640-1668
            • Catalan Rebellion, 1640-1659
            • The magnitude of wars demonstrate there was o period for sustained growth
      • Spain was also a country of contrasts with extremely rich and extremely poor people making up the demographic
    • The wars Spain faced meant that the Empire was put into economic disarray as Spain had no fiscal income
      • Spain was reliant on loans to sustain its military and the expulsion of Jews in 1492 saw a loss of many merchants and their skills
        • Portugal was seen as an economic gem due to largely commercial empire and stable economy
          • However heavy taxing such as the threatened salt tax and Fishermen tax in 1637 saw backlash
            • The Coup d'etat of Lisbon on December 1st 1640 saw the Portuguese Restoration start
      • The Spanish tax system meant that many high earning figures were exempt from tax laws which contributed to the high inflation
        • However the minting of new coins secured high inflation rates of goods across Spain
          • This is similar to how Germany tried to deal with the economic effect of the Treaty of Versailles (1919)
      • Mitas de Novoa
        • Voiced his dissent against money being spent on the arts and showing off
    • 17th century
      • Renaissance life style led to investments in art rather than trade throughout Spain
        • This led to stagnation in the economy in Italy and was also apparent in Spain
        • There weren't as many investments in the military as a result
      • The 17th century became a show of magnificance
        • Phillip IV had a palace built costing 10 million Ducets
          • It could house 2000 canvases of art
        • Spain was seen as a problematic nation for England until the 19th century
          • The decline in the 17th century may be contributory to that


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