AC 2.1- Control theory's (Unit 4)

about the the control theories that is required for you to know 

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  • Control theory
    • Walter Reckless
      • Containment theory
        • Argues that we are able to resist committing crimes due to our inner and outer containment
          • inner (internal psycological) containment comes from our upbrining
          • outer (external social) containment refers to the influence of our social group
      • Outlines the importance of parenting and socialisatin
    • Travis Hirchi
      • Individual's bond to society has four elements
        • Attachment: To family and peers
        • Commitment: to future positive goals of good jobs, marriage, comfortable home.
        • Involvement: in social activity or belonging to a community.
        • Belief: in society's values such as honesty and punishing wrong-doings.
      • Believes that people must form social bonds in order to prevent criminalisation
      • If bnds are weak or broken it can lead to criminal or deviant behaviour


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