Criminological - Definition of the application

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  • Criminological Psychology
    • The study of thoughts, intentions and the reactions of criminals
      • These people threaten their society due to a combination of anti-social and criminal behaviour
        • Anti-social behaviour lacks consideration for others and can be unpleasant or damage society due to intention or negligence. This doesnt have to break the law
    • Criminal behaviour is the breaking of rules or laws intentionally and violating norms
      • It is a social construct and consequences are imprisonment, fines and community service
    • Recidivism is when someone repeats a crime or behaviour they have already been punished for
      • We treat criminals in order to reduce recidivism through a punitive or rehabilitative approach
    • Token economy is a form of behaviour therapy where criminals are rewarded with tokens for appropriate behaviours
    • Stereotyping is thoughts adopted about individuals that may not reflect their personality
    • Modelling is imitating our role models through observing behaviours as part of social learning
    • Eyewitness testimony is the account a bystander gives as evidence to a witnessed crime


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