Criminal courts

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  • Criminal courts
    • Types of offenses
      • Triable-either-way offenses
        • Tried at EITHER court
        • E.g. Theft, Assualt causing GBH
        • Middle range offenses
      • Summary offenses
        • E.g. assault and damge (under £5,000)
        • For the least serious offenses
        • Tried at the magistrates court
      • Indictable
        • Tried at crown court with a judge and jury
        • Most serious cases
        • E.g. Murder, **** and manslaughter
    • Criminal Court Hierachy
      • Magistrates court
        • Crown Court
          • High Court QBD
            • Court of Appeal
              • Supreme Court
    • Magistrates Court
      • Serious triable-either-way and indictable offenses are sent to the Crown Court as the sentencing at magistrates court isnt good enough.
      • Magistrates deal with summary offences and some triable-either-way cases (under 6 months jail or under £5,000) to completion.
      • Account for 97% of all trials.
      • Main Roles
        • Bail
        • Drugs Court
        • Deciding verdicts
        • Youth Court
        • Preliminary hearings/sending cases to Crown Court
    • Crown Court
      • Roles
        • Sentencing
        • Sentencing some defendants from magistrates court
        • Appeals from magistrates court
        • Jury trials
      • Trial Order
        • Counsel for prosecution opens his case
          • Witnesses for the prosecution
            • Counsel for the defense the defense may open his case
              • Witnesses for the defence
                • Counsel for the prosecution sums up his case
                  • Council for the defence sums up their case
                    • Summing up to the jury by the judge
                      • Jury retires and comes back with a verdict
    • High Court
      • Is an appeals court
      • 3 Divisions
        • Chancery division
        • Queens bench division
          • for criminal cases
        • Family division
    • Court of Appeal
      • 2 divisions
        • Civil division
        • Criminal division
      • Used for re-trial cases and give a new verdict


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