Psychology: Criminal Behavior Notes

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  • Criminal Behaviour
    • Core Theory
      • Brain Dysfunctions, Prefrontal Cortex-associations between fear and antisocial behavior. Limbic System- controls aggression and sexual desires (more active in criminals) Temporal Lobes (slower active in criminals)
      • Facial Features, such as asymmetrical face, crooked nose, lots of facial hair ect
    • Core Study
      • Aim: to see if criminals were influenced by nature or nurture (genes or upbringing)
      • Procedure: Over 1400 criminal records were collected of men that had been adopted, then for each the criminal records were found for their biological and adoptive parents and then they were compared
      • 25% had both criminal biological and adoptive parents 20% had criminal biological parents but not adoptive 14% had neither criminal parents 15% had criminal adoptive parents but not biological
    • Alternative Theory
      • Vicarious Reinforcement, the criminal will be more likely to do it again if they get away with it
      • Punishment, they will be less likely to do it again if they get punished e.g get caught
      • Observing a role model and then imitating
  • Criticisms for the Core Theory
    • Ignore the concept of nurture (upbringing)
    • Not all criminals look the same
  • Criticisms for the Core Study
    • Gender bias
    • Only measured convicted crimes





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