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  • Criminal Cases Review Commission
    • Is an independent review body that investigate miscarriages of justices which have not been corrected through the normal appeals process and has the power to refer cases back to the courts.  
    • History
      • The Runciman Commission reported in 1993 and recommended establishment of independent body to consider suspected M.O.J's due to cases of Guildford Four, Birmingham Six and Judith Ward.
      • The recommendations were implemented and the CCRC was set up under the Criminal Appeal Act 1995 and began work in 1997
    • Composition
      • Appointed by the Queen. 1/3 must have legal training, 2/3 must have experience of the CJS. Has around 90 staff.
      • Completely impartial - do not represent defence or prosecution.
    • Criteria
      • D must have been convicted in England, Wales or N. Ireland, D must have tried to Appeal but failed and  D must have new evidence or new grounds
    • Sam Hallam
      • New evidence found in 2012 on Sam’s phone to show he was not present at murder. Sam served 5 years in prison but his conviction was quashed in May 2012
    • Jeremy Bamber
      • In 1986 was killed for killing 5 family members.He still professes his innocence, Bamber's conviction has been repeatedly upheld.
    • The CCRC started work in April 1997. Between then and 31 September 2015 it has investigated 397 quashed convictions
      • But it is not an appeals court so cannot overturn or quash themselves!!
    • CCRC can give an extra opportunity to challenge CJS
      • But only when all other appeals have failed!
    • Very accessible - anyone can access on behalf of D even.
      • But hugely severe backlog of cases! 2015 it was reported that  814 cases are currently under review and 507 are awaiting review.
    • Has helped to address many miscarriages of justice
      • But hasnt prevented them occuring in first place.


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