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  • mednicks core study
    • a- are people criminals because of genes or environment
    • m- statistical review
    • p- adoptees from Denmark
    • pr- reviewed information about adoptees bio and adoptive parents
    • r- biological fathers were more likely to be criminals. 20% were nurture 14.7% were nature
    • c- there is strong genetic component to criminal behavior
  • evaluation of core study
    • large sample- 13,00. generalizable
    • culture biased- only used people in Denmark
  • application- prevention and rehabilitation
    • can use research to rehabilitate criminals
    • we can provide positive role models to show how to behave properly
    • they can practice through role play and classes
    • give examples e.g how not to be aggressive
    • reinforce non criminal behavior
  • alternative theory- social learning theory
    • 1) observation, a child will watch someone commit a crime e.g stealing
    • 2) the criminal is a role model to the child
    • 3)they see the criminal get rewarded. this is called vicarious reinforcement
    • 4) they imitate the role model
    • 5) they reinforced the actions and get rewarded
    • 6) repetition of behavior


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