Crime: Suicide

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  • Crime: Suicide
    • Durkheim
      • Wanted to prove sociology was a science by studying suicide
      • Research should be objective, reliable and quantitative
      • Used  comparative method to study European rates
      • Statistics are true social facts, rates were fairly consistent across countries
      • Rate is determined by relationship with society
      • Types of suicide: Egoistic, Anomic,  Fatalistic, Altruistic
    • Douglas
      • Interested in the role of the family interactions and the role of coroner
      • Families may be reluctant to accept suicide
      • Types of suicide: transformation of soul,self, sympathy and revenge
      • Baechler
        • Suicidal behaviour is best seen as an extreme form of problem solving
        • Types: Escapist, aggressive, transfiguration
    • Atkinson
      • Real suicide rate doesn't exist
      • Coroners categorise deaths, using common sense theory
      • 4 Suicide clues: suicide note, how, where, mental health
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