Crime and Punishment

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  • Crime and Punishment
    • Theories of punishment
      • RETRIBUTION- that criminals should be punished for what they have done
      • DETERRENCE- that punishments should be so harsh no one would dare commit a crime
      • REFORMATION- that punishment should try to change criminals into law-abiding citizens
      • PROTECTION- that punishments should protect society from criminals
    • why justice is important for Christians
      • Christians believe justice is important because the bible says god is a god of justice who will reward the good and punish the bad at the end of the world
      • The Bible and the churches encourage Christians to work for justice by campaigning for fair treatment for the poor etc
    • why justice is important for Muslims
      • The Qur'an says God is just and that Muslims should treat people fairly
      • The Shari'ah is based on justice for everyone with everyone being treated equally
      • Muslims must work for justice through zakah if they are to go to heaven on the Last Day
    • Capital Punishment
      • is the punishment which takes the life of the criminal
      • some non religious people agree because they know if they murder someone they will die therefore they won't murder
      • some non-religious people are against it because no court system can be sure that the correct verdict is always given, innocent people can be wrongly accused
    • Christians attitudes
      • Many Christians think it is wrong because of the teachings of Jesus
        • Jesus taught that an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth is wrong
      • some Christians agree with it to keep order in society because it is the teaching of the Church
        • the Christian Church has used it in the past
    • Muslims attitudes
      • most muslims agree with it because it is the punishment for certain crimes in the Qur'an
        • Muhammed sentenced people to death for murder when we was ruler of Madinah
        • The Shari'ah says it is the punishment for murder and adultery
      • some do not agree because it is not compulsory in the Shari'ah and for non-religious reasons


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