Crime and Punishment

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  • Crime and Punishment
    • What causes crime?
      • Lack of education and qualifications
      • Gang rivalry
      • Violence portrayed in films
      • Abusive and violent parents
    • Protection
      • The aim of protection is to keep the public for being harmed, threatened or injured by criminals
    • Retribution
      • 'An eye for an eye'- Giving the criminal what they deserve
    • Deterrence
      • To put people off committing crimes e.g. death penalty
    • Reformation
      • Change criminals behaviour for the better
    • Vindication
      • Show offenders that the law is right and that they must be punished if they do not respect it
    • Reparation
      • Ask offender to make up for crime-e.g. vandal cleaning up area
    • Religious Attitudes towards capital punishment
      • Christians
        • "Whoever sheds the blood of a man, by man shall his blood be shed"
        • Only God can take away a life
      • Islam
        • Allow CP- rather use forgiveness
        • Allah should choose when a life should end


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