Crime and punishment

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  • Crime and Punishment
    • Causes of crime
      • Social Reasons
        • Boredom
        • Addictions may be funded through shoplifting, burglary or another form
      • Environmental Reasons
        • High unemployment
        • Pressure to join gangs who carry knifes and guns
      • Psychological Reasons
        • Mental illness or psychological problems
        • Violence on TV can influence people to try to copy it
    • Two kinds of offence
      • Non-indictable
        • Less serious crimes e.g. motoring offences
      • Indictable
        • More serious crimes e.g. ****, murder..
    • Christians beliefs
      • Criminals need to be punished but also having forgiveness and being given a second chance
      • "If thy brother trespass against thee, rebuke him; and if he repent, forgive him"
    • Muslim beliefs
      • Judgement Day- Allah will decide who goes to paradise or hell
    • Religious views on Crime and Punishment
      • Christians
        • "You shall not murder" Exodus 20:13
        • "An eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth" Exodus 23-25
      • Muslims
        • "The shedding of blood of a Muslim is not lawful except for one of three reasons" Hadith
        • "Take not life- which God has made sacred" Surah 17:33


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