Crime and Punishment Mindmap

Detailed mindmap of Crime and Punishment topic (not including drugs and alcohol)

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  • Crime and Punishment
    • Theories of Punishment
      • Deterrence
      • Reform
      • Retribution
        • Retribution
    • Justice
      • Christian Attitudes
        • God is just and rewards the good on Judgement day
        • Bible states: 'let justice role on like a river'
        • Churches try to bring justices e.g. Christian Aid and CAFOD
        • Jesus taught that the rich should share with the poor
      • Muslim Attitudes
        • Allah is just and will reward the good on judgement day
        • Hadith shows Muhammed acting justly
        • One of the five pillars of Islam - zakat - giving to charity
        • Part of the Khalifah's role is fairness (successor of Muhammed)
    • Punishment
      • Muslim attitudes
        • Retribution  - specific punishments given in the Qu'ran (e.g. amputate hands for stealing)
        • Reform as Allah is just and merciful
        • Harsh punishments should only be used as a last resort - people's background should also be taken into account
      • Christian attitudes
        • Reform as Jesus said we should not judge others and there are teachings of forgiveness
        • Retribution as St Paul says we should use the authorities to uphold the law and Jesus threw money lenders out of the temple
        • Deterrence: 'eye for an eye'
    • Capital Punishment
      • Christian Attitudes
        • For
          • R.C. allow it
          • Christian Church use at is a punishment for heresy
          • 'eye for eye'
        • Against
          • Sanctity of Life
          • 'Thou shalt not kill'
      • Muslim Attitudes
        • Against
          • Sanctity of life
          • 'Take not life which God has made sacred
        • For
          • Used for 3 crimes - murder, adultery and apostasy in the Qu'ran


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