Globalisation and Crime

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  • Crime and Globalisation
    • The Global Criminal Economy
      • Held et al- there had been a globalisation of crime
        • Interconnectedness of crime accross national borders and a spread of transnational organised crime
      • Castells- worth over £1 trillion per year and takes many froms
        • Arms trafficking, smuggling illegal immigrants, people trafficking, sex tourism, cybercrime, the drug trade and Terrorism
    • Global Risk Consciousness
      • Globalisation creates new insecurities or 'risk consciousness' in a global form
        • E.g west fear migrants
        • The result is the intensification of social control at national level e.g. UK tightening border controls
    • Globalisation, Capitalism and Crime
      • Taylor- Globalisation had led to greater inequality
        • TNC have moved manufacturing creating job insecurity, unemployment and poverty
          • People turn to crime e.g. in drugs
        • Globalisation has promoted  a lifestyle of consumption
          • People turn to crime e.g. in drugs
    • Patterns of Criminal Organisation
      • Hobbs and Dunninham: 'Glocal organisation'
        • Although crime networks have global connections (drug trade) they are still locally based (who they sell dugs to)
          • A shift away from hierarchical 'Mafia style' organisations of the past lo loose networks
      • Glenny: McMaffia
        • After the fall of communism in EE, commodity prices were kept at old soviet prices
          • New elite brought them and sold for extraordinary profit
            • Turned to New 'Mafia's' for protection- these criminal organisations were vital for Russia's new communist class into the entry of the world economy
    • The increased interconnectedness of societies


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