Measuring crime and it's problems

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  • Measuring Crime & It's problems
    • Official statistics can provide lots of quantitive data, such as number of offences. These statistics can be good as they're cheap and already there and it is easy to show trends.
      • Sources where you can find out about crime - surveys of the public, self report studies and official statistics.
        • A victim survey, is a survey that asks anomoyously if you've been a victim of crime
        • A self report study asks if you have ever commited a crime.
      • Advantanges - Compare crime stats over years to see pattern.   - can see patterns- who's more likely to commit crime.            - easy and cheap to get     - Are reliable            - Gives background info before doing a study
      • Disadvantage  - Doesn't show hidden figures            - Shows patterns but doesn't say why                - people don't report and police don't record      - not correct valid.
    • The ''Dark Figure of crime''. There is actually no way to know how many crimes are actually being commited, due to these reasons.
      • Many Woman would be embarrased to report a **** to the police especially if they knew the ****** even though the police are very trained, the victims prefer not the mention it.
      • Some crimes have no proper victim, This is called a Victim-less Crime for example, if a drug dealer sold someone drugs, neither of them would report it because they both wanted it too happen.
      • Sometimes the crime is so small that it's not worth letting the police know. An example would be vandalism to a car which can be expensive, there would be no proof to who would have done it.
      • Some people feel like they deserved to be the victim, if you annoy a friend and he/she hits you, you feel as if you deserve it and do not want to involve the police in a private quarrel.
      • Shops lose thousands of pounds each year from thefts but no one really knows how many people were involved. The rest of the popular has to pay for those losses by paying higher prices for goods.
      • White collar crime -  people may not know that certain crimes are being or have been commited, an example might be fraud where someone is fiddling the books of a company to steal money. They will only be discovered if they are caught, this is called white collar crime and normally companys don't tell anyone as they are embarrased and just sack the person.


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