Crime and Deviance Mind map

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  • Crime and deviance
    • Crime
      • an illegal act that is punishable by law. Examples includes robbery, fraud and shoplifting.
    • Deviance
      • refers to behaviour that does not conform to a society's norms or social rules, for instance, talking loudly in a library or in a cinema
    • Deprivation
      • Relative
        • This is when you don't have enough money to afford the latest things that people around you have e.g. the latest iPhone
      • Material
        • Lacking basic necessities e.g. food
    • Formal and Informal social control
      • Formal
        • formal written rules that are set out in laws or in codes of conduct such as school rules
      • Informal
        • unwritten or 'taken-for-granted' rules and is enforced through social pressure from groups such as families, friends or peers


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