crime and deviance

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  • crime and deviance
    • distortion and exaggeration of crime
      • GREER (2005) found that all media tend to exxaggerate the extent of violent crime.
        • order to generate audience interest and attract readers and viewers
      • false misleading impression of the real extent of crimes.
      • white collar crime: offences commited by middle class individuals who abuse their work positions for personal gain at the expense of the organisation.
      • corporate crime: offences commited by groups or individuals on behalf of large companies which directly prfit the company rather than the individual
      • scape -goats and steyeotypes certain groups
    • deviancy amplification and moral panics
      • moral panic:  a wave of public concern about some exaggerated or imaginary threat to society, sensationalised in the mass media
        • the deviants themselves may become labelled as 'folk devils'
      • deviancy amplification: the way the media may actually make worse or create the very deviance they condemn by their exaggerated and distorted reporting of events.
      • MCROBBIE AND THORNTON (1995) suggest the concept of moral panic is now outdated and is no longer a useful concept in the modern world
        • this is because new technology, media companies have changed the the reporting of and reaction to events that might once have caused a moral panic.




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