Marxist explanations of crime

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  • Crime and Deviance: Marxist
      • 6  elements of crime:
        • Law benefits the ruling class
          • support ruling class interests
            • Maintains ruling class power
            • Controls the subject class
          • False class conciousness
          • Snider
            • Capitalist state is reluctant to pass laws which regulate large capitalist concerns and might threaten their profitability
        • Ruling class impose values
          • hegemony
          • agents of socialisation
        • Rational response to living in unfair capitalist society
          • Money is major influence on everything
          • David Gordon
            • 'dog eat dog society'
            • Competitive system
              • Aggression
              • frustration
        • Law enforcement favours powerful
          • police and judicial system are instruments of the ruling class
          • Crimes of the powerful are ignored and tend to be less visible
        • Acts of rebellion against system
          • Working class deviant form an ideological resistance to dominant system
          • Phil Cohen
            • Skinheads
          • Scratton
            • 'cultures of resistance'
        • Selective law enforcement hides unfair nature of soicety
          • David Gordon
            • Occasional prosecution of ruling class perpetuates the fiction that the law operates for the benefit for whole society, and ruling class crime is small
              • Selecting members of subject class  and punishing them as individuals = social failure
              • Imprisonment legitimately neutralises opposition to system
              • Defining criminals as 'animals and misfits' for justification


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