Crime Prevention Methods

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  • Types of Crime Prevention Methods
    • Social
      • places the emphasis on the community and informal social controls surrounding potential offenders
        • it removes the conditions that incline people towards crime in the first place
          • such as poverty and social marginalisation
      • Perry Pre School Experiment
        • children that were give then attention and care from home visits were less likely to commit
        • at the age of 27 the group that had these home visits had 1/2 less arrests than those that didnt
      • Critisms
        • Although Perry Pre-school showed that treating the cause of crime worked well
          • It would be too expensive to implement
    • Environmental
      • focus on improving the environment in which people live- broken window
        • It relies on environmental improvement strategy and zero tolerance policing
        • Wilson + Kelling
          • Broken Window; if the environment is not taken care of, you won't take care of it further disorder and crime
      • Critsicms
        • in the 1st year of the zero tolerance policy in NYC crime fell by 50%
          • However there was an extra 7,000 police officers meaning more money was needed to pay them
    • Situational
      • Relies on reducing opportunities for come to take place
        • you increase the efforts, difficulty and  risks in order to prevent crime
        • Offenders way up pros and cons through Rational Choice Theory
      • Cornish + Clarke
        • Making targets harder by having signs such as beware of the Dog help stop buglers
      • Criticism
        • It doesn't pay enough attention to catching/ punishing offenders to deter them
        • it doesn't take the route of the crime making it difficult to develop way to reduce crime


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